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Gift Reading - For a Special Person

Welcome to the Gift Reading page. Below is information on how to give the gift of a reading to a special person or loved one. You can also purchase it below or on the Tarot Services page. For further information, please email Julia at enchantedtarots@hotmail.com

Gift Reading$20.00     Add to Cart 
Email or video reading. A general reading for that special someone, family member or friend. A special gift reading for a birthday, holiday, or for guidance. A three card reading spread addressing 1 given question. Reading takes about 20 - 30 minutes, but can vary. Please include in the "checkout box" the persons email and/or address, name, question, and how they would like to recieve the reading (email or Youtube video). Also please include your email. Julia will send them a personalized card (either by email or mail) saying that they recieved a special gift reading. It will also include info about the reading.

Gift Reading Info:
~ A gift reading is a reading that one purchases for someone else, not themselves. If there is a special person in your life that you feel might enjoy a reading, then a Gift Reading is perfect for them.

~ Maybe it is a special occasion like a birthday, holiday, or anniversary.
~ Maybe a friend or family memeber has a question about something important in their life and needs some guidance.

~ Please only purchase a Gift Reading if you are positive that the person will enjoy and is open minded to one. If you are sure, then go ahead and purchase this special gift for them. If you are not sure, then please ask them or someone close to them before purchasing. Sometimes people are not open to a Tarot reading. If this is the case, then no one will benefit from the reading.

~ Julia will send the person a personalized card (e-card or mailed card) letting them know that YOU bought this special gift for them. It will also explain the reading information and how the reading will be done. Example of e-card is shown below.

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