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A woman owned & operated shop. Unique & one-of-a-kind Art, Gifts, & Services. Handmade in home. Specialize in Enchanting Art & Spiritual Gifts.
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About Artist, Writer, & Tarot Reader: Julia Finucane

Julia Finucane has been interested in the Fantasy world since she was a young child. Her first memories are of her sitting on her fathers lap, while he read books of Fairy Tales and Irish folklore. She believed in these whimsical storybook characters and hoped that the magic of them could come true, and soon found out that fantasy & magic does exist as long as you believe in it.
Art Representation at 464 Gallery & Impact Artist Gallery
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Julia published her art book Fantasy & Fairy Tales: The Art of Julia Finucane in February of 2012.

Art Info: 
Julia has been creating art since she was a little girl living in the snowy city of Buffalo, New York. Painting Victorian styled 'Big Eye Girls' which resemble porcelain dolls, along with fairy Goddesses, underwater mermaids, and whimsical birds, Julia creates her own little fantasy world.

The themes that are dominant in Julia's artwork are whimsy based and combine reality and the fantasy world. She gets her inspiration and ideas from her childhood and from popular fairy tales. Working with many mediums, acrylic paints and colored graphite are her favorite and are dominant in her pieces. Julia also uses a lot of metaphoric symbols and colors to show emotion and to portray the stories she is trying to tell.

"I have had a love for fantasy, fairy tales, and cute little girly dolls since I was young. I can remember reading Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and the Brothers Grimm with my father while holding one of my porcelain dolls. I still love this fantasy world and try to represent it in each each piece of art.
All my pieces have stories behind them, but I encourage everyone to interpret their own stories."

Tarot Info: 
She found magic while traveling with her family. Her love of the whimsy grew with her yearly visits to New Orleans. Here was where she became interested in Tarot and the spirit world. Always believing in the help of loved ones past, these visits strengthend her beliefs. Maybe it was the culture or the beauty of the French Quarter, but New Orleans always had a magical sense in the air. 

Julia's first traditional reading was done in this special city, on the cobble walkway of Jackson Square. With art and music all around, Julia sat in wonder as the lady read her. Following every word, she was amazed at how intuitive and comforting the reading was. This day strengthened her belief in this culture. 

As an artist, Julia was drawn to the beautiful images that were found in the cards. Each card and deck is different and you never know what will appear. Asking for guidance during every reading, she will always have a candle lit and a crystal or two next to her. Believing in the power of intuition, spirit, and the energy that is in all of us, Julia encourages everyone to be open to their own intuition. She views every reading as a conversation among the client, spirit (God, passed loved ones, spirit guides, angels, and spirit self), and herself.

Crafts, Metaphysical, and Spiritual supplies Info:
Always having a love of different cultures and spiritual paths, Julia tries to incorporate her spirituality into her everyday life. Being raised Irish Catholic, she has a strong connection to the spirit world and the saints. She was always taught of the afterlife, and looks to passed loved ones for help and guidance.

While at school, she studied the many world religions including Eastern and Western religions, Pagan beliefs, Witchcraft, Spirtualism, and the beliefs of the Roman and Greek Empires. This is also where she started studying Tarot.

Putting her heart, energy, intuition, and soul into every item she creates, Julia truely handmakes everything. Each ingredient, material, or recipe is created by Julia. Usuing the earth, herbs, spices, & much more; Julia brings the energy and magic of each into her metaphysical items.

Julia received her bachelor's in Art Education, and her certification to teach. She received her masters in computer design and fine arts. Taking as many Design, Fine Art, & World Religion classes that she could; this is what shaped and gave her the knowledge to create everything she creates.

Julia not only took formal training in Art & Spirituality, she continues to reseach and study as much as possiple to gain even more knowledge. 

She has been studying Tarot for some time now and is constantly finding something new in the cards. Learning is a never ending process with Tarot and with life. Julia is a researcher at heart and is always looking, listening, and searching.

Home Life:
Julia grew up and studied in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. She then moved to New York City, where she expanded her love of art & culture. Here she learned to "sell art on the streets" and the ins and outs of being an artist in NYC. She also exlpored the many world cultures as they become mixed in a big American city. Developing her spirituality even deaper, Julia found happiness walking Central Park, eating different cuisine, and falling in love with the city. After 8 years, Julia finds herself back in Buffalo starting a new chapter in her life. Buying an old house with much history, next to a 1800's cemetary, she has her hands full. It is a full renovation house. It is exciting to make the house her own.

Julia is happily married to her highschool sweetheart, Christopher. They share their home with two black kitties Penelope & Fiona, Lizzy the dog, and the spirits of animals past. Puppy, their beloved dog for 10 years, still comes around and makes herself known. Her nails can be heard on the wooden floor, following throughout the house. Although Julia has only seen her spirit three times, she can feel her.
~ Below are Julia's beloved animals. Some who are with us in Spirit.

*Puppy is still with us in spirit.
*Thelma and Louis are sisters. May they always be together.
*Smokie is Julia's parents cat and is a healthy beauty at age 7.

Additional Information and Links:
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/missjuliaart where she shares videos on spiritual techniques, Tarot, her artwork, and her pets.

Below are some interviews that have been done on Julia. Click the links below to view each interview.

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